Thursday, February 12, 2015


Why did you have to change?
Our love was strong and there was no pain.
Why did you left me in blink of eyes?
You left me with thousand cries.
Why was it so easy for you to leave me behind?
Have our love fade, or have you gone blind?
Why did you let other man take your place?
When there is certainly no one who can replace.

Why did you have to go?
The reason behind it, I still don’t know.
Why does the path have to be rough?
I guess your love for me wasn’t enough.
Why did you stick to me like glue?
And in the end you left me without a clue.
Why did you say goodbye?
After you flatter my heart and sing lullaby.

Why did you approach me in the first place?
Was my love a game or are you insane?
Why did you make promises?
And break my heart into pieces.
Why oh why do I keep asking?
May be I should keep on wondering.


#Actually aku amik puisi tu dari buku Kak Zani. Puisi tu dihasilkan oleh kawan Kak Zani jugak. Aku cuma tertarik dengan puisi tu. Takde kene mengena dengan aku pun (:

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